• We work with universities that want the best for survivors of gender-based abuse

    Build a culture that takes gender based violence seriously by empowering survivors to disclose their experiences, meeting them with a response that is trauma informed and cares for them as well as those who are supporting them

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    Academic Equity

    25% of survivors skipped lectures, tutorials, changing or dropping certain modules to avoid the perpetrators


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    Student Retention

    16% of survivors suspended their studies or dropped out of their degree

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    Campus Culture

    Over 50% of all students who have experienced sexual assault and/or sexual harassment experienced it on campus

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    Issue Visibility

    Just 3.4% of survivors of sexual violence engaged with university support services

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    Financial Cost

    £21,750 is the average cost of a sexual violence settlement

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  • How it Works



    We work in partnerships with universities across the UK, we start by facilitating informal listening sessions with students, wellbeing staff, academics, tutors, cleaners, door staff and everyone else who have something to say about the culture on campus


    We then report back to the university to outline current strengths, pain points and recommendations moving forward



    Following the audit, we work with you to select a series of services to build a package that might include:

    - The creation of specialist policies

    - The creation of specialist survivor pathways, that prioritise compassion and informed decision making

    - Delivery of leadership training and engagement to encourage a positive peer-to-peer culture

    - Trauma-informed communications to increase disclosure rates

    - Workshops and training for staff and students from our wide and varied curriculum

    - The creation of survivor networks


    Community of Practice 

    The universities we work with far exceed regulatory compliance. We celebrate those that work with us by bringing them together to share best practices and commit to continual learning and improvement

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