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    We work with universities to deliver sector-leading prevention and response strategies for sexual violence and abuse

    We are working towards a world where sexual violence isn't a price you pay for going to university

    Join us, get accredited and take action against sexual harm within higher education


  • Our Values

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    Trauma Informed

    We promote a culture of safety, empowerment, and healing. We build our systems in a way that recognises the needs of traumatised people

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    Survivor Centered

    Survivor rights, needs and wishes stay the focus of our work throughout

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    We value people's identities and recognise that what they experience and the support they need may change as a result

  • "I have been really privileged in having Empowered Campus supporting and guiding us throughout the consultation and launch of the new Sexual and Gender Based Violence Policy at SOAS.

    Empowered Campus has helped us in developing sensitive, survivor-centric and trauma-informed approaches to dealing with such cases.

    Their experience and knowledge of this area have benefited us in developing a research-informed approach in dealing with complex and sensitive cases with care."


    Monika Nangia

    Chair, Sexual and Gender Based Violence Steering Group

    Director of Student and Academic Services at SOAS

    "You helped me through one of the toughest times in my life. The support you gave was exceptional. The advice, encouragement, care and passion was absolutely outstanding and without you, I wouldn’t have felt supported or heard."



    Survivor and Fighter

    "The training we received in Nottinghamshire was incredibly well-received. Delegates left sessions feeling well equipped to navigate an often complex field. If you're looking to grow your organisation's awareness of sexual harassment, this training is for you."


    Susannah Fish (in review of our staff for other work)

    Former Chief Constable

    Nottinghamshire Police


  • Support


    We know this is hard and can bring up tough feelings and memories.


    We exist to change systems, we're sorry that we don't currently have the resources to support individuals - although we hope to in time.


    In the meantime, if you need legal or emotional support, there are many amazing organisations that can offer you specialist care. These include:


    Rights of Women provide women with the legal advice and information they need to understand and use the law and their legal rights


    Survivors Trust has 129 member organisations based in the UK & Ireland which provide specialist support for all genders who have survived rape, sexual violence, or childhood sexual abuse. This link allows you to search for support in your area


    Women's Aid provides care for women experiencing all forms of domestic abuse.


    Rape Crisis supports victims and survivors of sexual abuse


    Daughters of Eve provides support to those at risk of female genital mutilation


    Survivors UK offers support for men who have experienced sexual abuse


    Southall Black Sisters supports Black and minority ethnic women who are facing all forms of gender based violence and abuse


    Karma Nirvana supports victims of so-called 'honour based' abuse

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    A Love and Power Project

    Empowered Campus is a project of Love and Power, a feminist community of people working together to dismantle sexism.

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    We believe all universities should have gold standard prevention and response strategies to sexual violence.


    Our approach is intersectional, survivor centered, and trauma-informed.


    Your story will only be read by the Empowered Campus team.


    By sharing your story, you are helping to build a more accurate picture of what university students and staff are experiencing. This will help us build a better response to sexual violence and harassment on campus.


    As a campaigning and training organisation, we cannot provide advice or guidance to individuals. Please see our support section below for links to supportive services.


    We want to end sexual violence at universities. To do this, we are asking 4000 students to fund a movement.


    In return, you will get access to a national activist network, regular campaign boot camps, and all the tools you need to hold your university to account when it comes to preventing sexual violence and giving survivors the care and support that they deserve.

  • Right Now:


    1 in 3 female students in the UK experience sexual assault

    71% of male students who are assaulted deal with it entirely alone

    In over 50% of cases, the perpetrator is another student

    30% of incidents take place on campus


    25% of students experiencing sexual violence skip lectures or tutorials, or change or drop modules to avoid their perpetrator

    97% of students don’t report their assault to their university


    And how many students experiencing sexual violence report it to their university and feel satisfied with the process?


    Only 2%


    Our mission is to change that.